Love Thee Notre Dame

Boldly Impacting Notre Dame's Future

There is nowhere like Notre Dame. No other university in the world embraces its ambitious academic mission and rich religious heritage with equal vigor and to such extraordinary effect. It is through the generosity of our planned gift benefactors that we can achieve our goals and further the mission of Our Lady's University.

The mission of the Love Thee Notre Dame initiative is intended to promote the advantages and ease of making a planned or legacy gift to Notre Dame. Such gifts have the potential to significantly and positively impact the future of Notre Dame, while also offering a number of attractive benefits.

Why We Need You

Each year, the University relies on planned gifts to meet current funding needs, establish new programs, strengthen existing ones, and supplement financial aid. You may wish to dictate that your planned gift benefit a particular area of the University or allow Notre Dame to apply your gift where it will do the most good.

Leaving your planned gift unrestricted is an especially generous act, for it acknowledges that funding priorities evolve over time. Our current foundational funding priorities are:

  • Prepare Leaders of Character
    • The hallmark of a Notre Dame education is that students receive both the rigorous intellectual training that makes for a successful career while also cultivating the moral and spiritual values that make for a fulfilling and meaningful life.
  • Serve Humanity
    • As a Catholic research institution, the University of Notre Dame has an opportunity, as well as a responsibility, to maximize our intellectual and academic resources in ways that will guide, inspire, and heal all our neighbors in this nation and around the world.
  • Strengthen our Distinctiveness
    • It is imperative that Notre Dame continually strengthens and renews the core elements - education, research, and faith - that shape our identity as the nation's premier Catholic research university and figure prominently into our mission of educating students in mind, body, and spirit.

Here are a few of the reasons your planned gift is important to Notre Dame:

  • Tuition covers only about two-thirds of the real cost of an undergraduate education
    • Even those who pay "full price" have benefited from the generosity of the Notre Dame family.
  • Nearly half of all Notre Dame undergraduates depend on need-based aid from the university.
    • Notre Dame is one of the few universities that meet 100% of every family's demonstrated need.
  • Notre Dame's endowment covers only about 23% of the University's budget, and most funds are restricted for specific purposes.
    • Notre Dame's endowment is not small, but it is best measured against its mission. The amount of endowment spent each year (between 4 and five percent) is carefully calibrated to enable the funds to fulfill their purpose in perpetuity. The University must fund more than two-thirds of its operating expenses from other sources.
  • Federal funding has declined.
    • Federal support for university research is significant, but it has been declining for years in real dollars. The current budget environment makes such funding even more precarious.
  • Planned gifts of any size make a difference.
    • Gifts of any size are deeply appreciated and will be stewarded according to your wishes. In many cases, legacy gifts allow you to make larger and more impactful gifts than would have otherwise been possible.

Your planned gift also qualifies you to become a member of the Stephen Theodore Badin Guild, a giving society established to honor all those who make Note Dame a part of their personal legacy.

Thank you for considering a planned gift to the University of Notre Dame.

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