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Since Notre Dame's earliest days, planned gifts have sustained and advanced the sacred mission of Our Lady's University in innumerable ways. In fact, it was a planned gift of more than 500 acres of land from Father Stephen Theodore Badin that enabled the historic founding of Notre Dame in 1842 by Father Edward Sorin.

Thanks to the generosity of generations of members of the Notre Dame family, the University's distinctive, Catholic mission continues to thrive today. Nonetheless, ensuring Notre Dame's ability to address the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead depends now, perhaps more than ever, on the generosity and leadership of today's generation of Notre Dame alumni, parents, and friends.

The University of Notre Dame's new, three-year Love Thee Notre Dame Initiative is an invitation to all who love Notre Dame to be among those who, through planned gifts, allow Our Lady's University to plan confidently for the future. Thoughtfully structured planned gifts are uniquely powerful in sustaining and growing the University's ability to carry forward Her mission, while often affording exceptional financial and tax benefits to benefactors.

Among the simplest and most impactful ways to make a planned gift is to include a gift to Notre Dame in the terms of one's will or revocable trust, or to designate Notre Dame as the beneficiary of a retirement plan account (such as an IRA or 401(k)). For those who have included a planned gift to Notre Dame in one of these ways—thank you. We invite you to use this confidential form to inform the University of these plans so that we can appropriately honor and acknowledge your gift intention during your lifetime. Sharing an estate gift intention today also opens the door for you to:

  • Create a plan with Notre Dame for the use of your gift that fulfills your personal intentions and objectives;
  • Maximize the impact of your gift; and
  • Become a member of the Stephen Theodore Badin Guild, a giving society established for those who have made a planned gift to Notre Dame.

As part of the Love Thee Notre Dame Initiative, the University has formed the Gift Planning Advancement Committee, a group of volunteer leaders consisting of alumni, parents, and friends. These members play a crucial role in helping Notre Dame strategically communicate the importance of gift planning as a vital means of support to the University. We invite you to read about each of these members on the Gift Planning Advancement Committee bio page.

To learn more about estate gifts and other types of planned gifts—including gifts that give members of the Notre Dame family the opportunity to leverage the returns of the Notre Dame Endowment to achieve their personal and charitable aims—please click here or contact us.

Thank you for considering being among those who, through participation in the Love Thee Notre Dame Initiative, ensure that Notre Dame's sacred mission will continue to flourish—today, tomorrow, and forever.