Get the Scoop on Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Get the Scoop on Endowed Scholarships

What is an endowed scholarship?

Endowments are gifts given to the University of Notre Dame to invest and hold in perpetuity while providing annual withdrawals to fund designated priorities such as scholarships.  Endowment gifts provide current revenue and the potential for investment growth across generations.

Why endow?

Endowment gifts allow a donor to grow their gift, make a lasting impact at Notre Dame, and to play a vital role in its future, not just for a moment, but for centuries.

How to endow a scholarship?

An endowed scholarship will be named and allocated as desired by the donor in consultation with the University after gifts to the fund reach $100,000. Donors often initiate such gifts by making a commitment, or pledge, to build their endowments over a number of years. However, a planned gift through your estate or through the use of a Donor Advised Fund or Charitable Remainder Trust are great ways to create an endowed scholarship. Gifts of cash or appreciated stock are common ways to establish an endowed scholarship through one of these planned gifts.