The Notre Dame Gift Planning Advancement Committee (GPAC) is a group of Notre Dame volunteer leaders consisting of alumni, parents, and friends. The members are from various areas of the country and have diverse backgrounds—both professionally and personally—but they have common characteristics: they love Notre Dame, are committed to advancing our mission, and are exceptional leaders.

Mission Statement

The Notre Dame GPAC seeks to highlight the critical importance of planned gifts to the success of Notre Dame's mission. Notre Dame depends today more than ever on planned gifts to secure a long-term, sustained cash flow and confidently pursue the dreams, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead through the thoughtful creation of well-structured planned gifts.

GPAC Members

Listed below are the names of current members.

  • Richard and Lois Folger
    (GPAC co-chairs)
  • Art and Emily Monaghan
    (GPAC co-chairs)
  • Salem and Ruth Ann Abraham
  • Patti Annexstad
  • John and Katie Anthony
  • Fred Giuffrida and Pamela Joyner
  • Tanya Kne
  • Michele Martin
  • Raul Romero
  • Melanie Sanchez-Jones and Stephen Jones
  • Pat and Meg Shields