A legacy that packs a punch - Ted Valenti '65

Ted Valenti

Ted Valenti ’65, brought a bullish spirit and fierce tenacity with him every time he stepped into the ring. Known as a formidable boxer, he used his unique flair for inside fighting and punishing body blows to earn two Bengal Bout Championships in his time at Notre Dame. Ted’s fighting spirit has gone beyond the boxing arena, becoming the foundation for his entire life and the bedrock of his legacy.

Ted entered his freshman year as a young man far removed from his native New York. In fact, Notre Dame wasn’t even a thought in his mind until the insistence of his parish priest redirected his journey. Once on campus, Ted struggled to settle in and discern his path.

In the midst of that adversity, Ted found solace in the guiding presence of Our Lady and built his faith with numerous trips to the Grotto---a sanctuary of strength on campus.

He also found the Bengal Bouts offered him more than just a platform for physical strength, it became a source of structure, fortitude, and camaraderie, transforming his college days into a profound, life-changing experience.

Ted has carried on the Bengal Bouts’ motto—strong bodies fight so that weak bodies may be nourished—out of the ring and into his legacy. Both he and his wife Linda have committed to creating a lasting impact through the

Notre Dame Charitable Remainder Trust program and by making a charitable gift through their estate. These gifts will ensure that the mission of the Bengal Bouts will continue forever, changing not only the lives of Notre Dame students who train and fight but also the lives of the impoverished people of Bangladesh.

Ted Valenti’s life and legacy represent what it truly means to be a force for good, illuminating a path of strength, resilience, and positive transformation both at Notre Dame and around the world.