Cultivating Legacies of Love: The Notre Dame Journey of Bob '57 and Rich '60 Griffin

Bob And Rich Griffin

Imagine commencing each college day at 8 a.m. Mass, extinguishing the lights promptly at 10 p.m. each night, and dedicating Saturday mornings to classes preceding football games instead of the typical tailgating revelry.

Such was the Notre Dame experience for Bob '57 and Rich '60 Griffin, brothers from East St. Louis, Illinois. To them, their time at Notre Dame transcended mere adherence to rules and schedules—it represented some of the most profound years of their lives.

Bob and Rich were raised on Notre Dame football, tuning in faithfully to the radio broadcasts. Bob, a high school debate team member, first set foot on the South Bend campus for a debate match and instantly felt a connection. He sensed Notre Dame was the ideal place for someone aspiring to lead a virtuous life. Rich, initially drawn to the university's athletic prowess, reached the same conclusion after visiting his brother.

Though Bob and Rich had distinct experiences, their four years were marked by rotating dorms (as was the custom in those days), meeting extraordinary individuals, tackling challenging classes, and fortifying their faith—a period that left an indelible mark on their lives.

Notre Dame became an integral part of their family fabric in ways far beyond holding season football tickets for more than 50 years, religiously making annual contributions, and dedicating countless hours to alumni association service.

Building upon that foundation, Bob and Rich have continued to support their passions at the University. Both have supported the Center for Citizenship & Constitutional Government, as well as the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture. Bob was instrumental in the launch and support of the Galvin Scholars. As for Rich, he has dedicated resources to both the Sorin Fellows and a family scholarship.

In solidifying and amplifying their legacies, Bob and Rich both have made planned gifts. Bob made an estate gift, and they both invested in the Notre Dame Charitable Remainder Trust Program — commitments that ensure their impact will endure in perpetuity.

Their aspiration for Our Lady’s University is ambitious — to become the world's preeminent Catholic institution. They envision a university that relentlessly pursues truth and offers students opportunities to deepen their faith. Bob and Rich understand that mere hope is insufficient; love demands an active response, making them devoted and engaged members of the Notre Dame family.

The University of Notre Dame will be eternally grateful for their love, devotion, and generosity.