Endowed Scholarships bring to life a Notre Dame Education - Jason Roman '24

Jason Nd

“People who give back are what makes Notre Dame so special.” Jason Roman

Jason grew up in Pennsylvania, went to public school, and had both of his parents as teachers. With a family full of Penn State alum, Jason figured that Penn State would be a natural choice for him. However, growing up Catholic and knowing how great the Mendoza College of Business is made Notre Dame his top choice. With parents as educators, Jason’s financial aid package would determine where he would go.

Thanks to endowed scholarships, Jason has been able to afford attending Notre Dame. His experience has been better than he could have ever imagined as a high school student. As an accountant major, he is ready to take on Mendoza’s mission to grow the good in business. Sunday Grotto visits, the sports analytics club, and intramural sports round out Jason’s Notre Dame experience. He does not take for granted the fact that his entire experience, whether in the classroom or in dorm life, is credited to the generosity of others.

Giving back is high on Jason’s list. As a senior, he is going to become a Resident Advisor to give back to the dorm life that he has grown to love and appreciate. Someday he hopes to complete the cycle and give back so that students who have parents that are teachers, will also be able to afford to attend the University of Notre Dame and share in his incredible experience.