Serving a world deeply in need through music and medicine - Jonathan Hauke '23

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Jonathan Hauke ’23, a student from Kentucky, has embraced Father Edward Sorin’s mission to serve a world deeply in need.

Jonathan grew up in a typical Catholic family: every week, they attended church, gave back to the community, and rooted for the Fighting Irish. Watching Notre Dame football on TV as a child, Jonathan imagined what it would be like to go to school at the University and knew that such an opportunity would be a dream come true.

At a young age, Jonathan also began learning the organ. To master the organ, one has to be not only dedicated, but passionate and detail-oriented. Through commitment and countless hours of practice, Jonathan became a very skilled player, and he would play on Sundays for his church, at community events, and for weddings.

In high school, after receiving his test scores and considering his grades and musical abilities Jonathan decided to shoot for his dream and apply to Notre Dame. To his delight, he was accepted. Although he was honored to be accepted, he knew his family would not be able to afford the cost of tuition. Certain he would have to turn down the opportunity, Jonathan was overjoyed to receive his financial aid package, which made his dream of attending Notre Dame a reality.

While at Notre Dame, Jonathan utilized the skills he had gained through musicianship to pursue the discipline of science and medicine. Through his work with the Center for Social Concerns, he realized that becoming a doctor was how he could best serve a world in need. He is currently making plans to attend medical school, an ambition made possible by Notre Dame and your generous support.