Making Notre Dame a Beneficiary of Your Retirement Assets

The best way to make a gift of your retirement assets such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b), is to name Notre Dame as the beneficiary. To designate, simply contact your plan custodian and he or she will provide you with the beneficiary designation forms to make this bequest. Here are some benefits:

  • By transferring your retirement assets to Notre Dame directly upon your death, your estate may claim a charitable estate tax deduction. Neither your estate nor your heirs will have to report any taxable income from the distribution. Notre Dame will keep 100% of the IRA assets and apply them to a charitable purpose you choose.
  • By eliminating estate and income taxes of your IRA assets,┬ámaking Notre Dame the beneficiary of your retirement assets is one of the most┬átax efficient ways to fund a charitable gift from your estate.

A Giving Society

Gifts made through your estate, charitable remainder trusts, and donor advised funds are just a few of the ways to qualify for membership in the Badin Guild, the planned giving gift society. Members of the Badin Guild have access to exclusive events as well as unique opportunities to engage with the campus community.

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