A good investment for our family - Charitable Remainder Trust

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Michael ’89 and Tracy Heffernan always knew they wanted to give back to Notre Dame; it was where their hearts were.

Reflecting on their journey together, Michael and Tracy appreciate the impact that a Notre Dame education has had on them, from professional successes to the growth of their family. Michael was a first-generation college student at Notre Dame, and Tracy attended St. Mary’s College. When the two met after graduation they shared a love for Our Lady’s University—an affection they would end up sharing with their four children.

Although giving back to the University was always on their hearts, getting their four kids through college was also on their minds. Michael and Tracy didn’t think they could possibly do both until they were introduced to Notre Dame’s Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) program, an investment tool that allowed their hearts and minds to come together.

Notre Dame’s CRT Program is a great investment strategy with the Notre Dame Endowment, and it allowed for Michael and Tracy to give back to Our Lady’s University while still taking care of their family.

By establishing a CRT at Notre Dame, Michael and Tracy have the comfort of financial security and the knowledge that their love of Notre Dame will live long into the future.