A single choice makes a big impact

Parkerilajane Cropped

When Parker Sullivan graduated from high school his father gave him a choice: a fully paid college education or the same amount of money in cash. Parker chose an education and decided to attend the University of Notre Dame, a decision that would change not only his life, but the lives of many others in the future.

Parker cherished his time at Notre Dame and the important lessons he received as a student. He learned that hard work, a good attitude, and strong values would help him succeed. His first job after graduation was that of a post-hole digger for General Telephone and Electronics Corporation (GTE). He ultimately rose within the company to become President of GTE of California.

As his career flourished, Parker knew he wanted to give back to Notre Dame. In 1975, he established a scholarship through the Mendoza College of Business for students in need.

Although Parker passed away in 1982, his story and impact live on. His love for and loyalty to Notre Dame inspired his wife and daughter to continue to make donations to the endowed scholarship in his honor. Jane wants to ensure that her father’s legacy endures. For this reason, she decided to make a planned gift that will add to the scholarship and amplify its impact on students.

To date, over $1.2 million in scholarships has been distributed to nearly 100 students. Jane is helping her family grow a legacy, a legacy that stemmed from her father putting the long-term value of a Notre Dame education over cash in-hand.