Ciara Lawlor '23 - From fear of failure to flourishing

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Ciara Lawlor ’23 is a student who went from fear of failure to completely flourishing at Notre Dame because of the generosity of many.

Ciara, now in her senior year, exudes confidence and excitement about her future, but just a few years ago she experienced emotions that were just the opposite. Ciara was initially waitlisted at Notre Dame, but eventually received a call from the Admission Office notifying her of her acceptance. The moment was filled with joy and trepidation. The delayed acceptance elicited feelings of fear and doubt that she would not succeed.

With the support and encouragement of her family including, grandpa ’61, dad ’91, and sister ’21, she made the decision to enroll as a student at Notre Dame.

After arriving on campus, Ciara immersed herself in the community life in her dorm, Farley Hall. She also became engaged in activities and clubs, such as Irish Dancing. It was from her involvement in these campus communities that Ciara developed loyal and supportive friendships.

Ciara’s time at Notre Dame has not passed without challenges. At the beginning of the pandemic, her father lost his job, bringing financial strain on their family. As a result of the generosity of benefactors like you, Ciara received financial support from scholarships that made it possible for her to continue as a student at the University.

Ciara is already working to give back the generosity she has received. She gives campus tours and is a member of ND Listens, a student engagement center designed to listen to, learn about, and engage with Notre Dame alumni, parents, and friends. She looks forward to her senior year and to continually find ways to give back and be a force for good in the world.